I recently upgraded my servers to the cpanel 11 when I received a notice from cpanel that stated, “Unable to automaticlly update the mailer config…”. So I manually performed the upgrade only to discover that email was being handled very differently after the upgrade. No email that was marked as SPAM was was being delivered. Instead it was being dropped. This meant that there would be no way to check for a false positive email marked as SPAM. Normally spammy email has it’s subject rewritten to prefixed with, “[spam]”. This allowed the user to then use a filter in their email client to filter email with “[spam]” in the subject to a folder for later review. This would keep the inbox clean.

I did some research and found that this was a common issue with the new cPanel 11. After many hours of thinking that I may have to downgrade the server to cPanel 10, I found my answer in WHM. When you log into WHM as root there is a section called, “Service Configuration”. In this section you will find, “Exim Configuration Editor”.

In the “Exim Configuration Editor” page in the, “Mail” section just above the the buttons marked, “Visualized ACLs and Save” is an option to use the old old transport, “Use the old transport based spamassassin system instead of the new acl style one. (not recommended, slow)”. When I first saw this and it said it was not recommended I looked for an alternative. I could not find one. I need my email spammy or not to be delivered to each users inbox for their review.

Check this option, “Use the old transport based spamassassin system instead of the new acl style one. (not recommended, slow)” and click the save button. If you were previously using subject rewrites SPAM Assassin will again rewrite your subjects. You can also make use tof the X-Spam-Flag header for filtering this is a YES or NO value.

At least by doing this you can continue to make use of the NEW cPanel 11 features while monitoring the cPanel forums to see of the Exim ACL’s have been fixed to allow subject rewrites and delivery of email marked as SPAM.