Here I am today, attempting to recover my Windows XP Pro computer from an error after rebooting it, “winlogon.exe Application Error” Something about cannot write to some memory location. I did some searching via Google, No luck. I’m trying a system repair. Cross your fingers. If I can recover my accountig files, I’ll move them to my Mac Mini.

I Hope this fixes it.

[edited: 2 hours later]

Sort of fixed it. It is fixed enough to boot, login and recover and data I need. However the system is less than perfect. I cannot RDP to the XP box from my Mac Mini anymore and I keep getting errors about not being able to start ICS or other services. I’ve tried to run windows update but it just hangs.

At this point I’m thinking that I’ll get what I can moved to an external drive and start from scratch. 🙁

[edited: 8 hours later]

Windows Update finally responded. After spending much time running downloading updates and reinstalling IE. It seems to be working properly without error. What a head ache. I do most of my work on my Mac Mini and use this Windows box for validating web site designs and accounting. I’m vasilating between moving my accounting to my Mac using MYOB and just leaving the Windows box ass-is. I really did not want to spend so much time on this, but I need to get my tax papers prepared and it has all my accounting on it.